GillianI’m often surprised at the new things I learn when I speak to business people on a more in-depth basis and meeting up with Aesthetic Practitioner Gillian Huntley, owner of award winning Appearances Aesthetics, was no exception.  I was amazed to hear just why she can transform people’s lives through her treatments. 

Gillian started appearances in 1986 and while she mainly treats clients at her home clinic based in Chiselhurst, she also operates out of Options Beatuy Salon in nearby Edenbridge and out of BMI Hospitals Chelsfield Park and the Sloane Beckenham.  She keeps herself up-to-date with all the latest technology and training required to conduct treatments and is often recommended by GPs (including Harley Street ones) as the ‘Go To’ person in her line of work.  She is also award winning: 2015 Kent Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year; Kent Women in Business Awards 2016 Finalist and BABTAC & CIBTAC 2016 Awards Finalist.

There are many different types of treatments Gillian can carry out – thread vein/pigmentation/skin tag removals and light skin peels, scar relaxation and specialist waxing.  I’m going to be covering some of these over the next few issues, starting with Semi-Permanent make-up and medical tattooing and how these treatments can make a huge difference to people.

So what is the difference in the equipment that Gillian uses for semi-permanent tattoos compared to what you would find at your local tattoo parlour?  Semi-permanent tattooing does not penetrate the skin as deeply as a normal tattoo needle would, therefore it can be used on delicate areas of our bodies such as eyelids.  Being semi-permanent means the colour will start to fade over a year and maintenance is needed, the same as any other beauty treatment, to maintain perfect effect and colour.

 Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Imagine not having to worry about your eyeliner smudging anymore or going for a swim and coming out of the pool with your eyes looking as great as when you got in?  This treatment is perfect for those with allergies, contact lenses, eye problems or simply to save you time.  With her semi-permanent tattooing machine Gillian can give you either top or top and bottom eyeliner in your choice of colour, in a thickness you desire that will last for 1-3 years.

I bet there are a number of you thinking it must be painful having your eyelids tattooed.  So how painful is it?  Well, the only way for me to find out was to undergo treatment myself and let you know personally.

Gillian first applies a special numbing cream to the eyelids [pic 1] which takes a short while to take effect, so while this was working its magic Gillian was preparing the colour for my eyeliner.  I had originally thought of having black for maximum effect but Gillian pointed out that I might look like I’m ready for a night out every morning when I wake up.  We decided upon grey with a hint of blue/black for a slightly more subtle look.

I would be lying if I said that you couldn’t feel a thing but it was not actually painful as such, more of an uncomfortable feeling [pic 2].  Gillian also makes it clear that if you need her to stop at any time to take a break then all you need to do is say.  Of course you have to remain extremely still during the process otherwise the liner might end up in places other than your eyelids!

About half an hour later and it was all finished [Pic 3].  When having it done for the first time you  will generally need 2-3 visits but after that an annual top up will be all that is needed to keep the colour looking great all the time.  I think semi-permanent eyeliner is one of the best things ever and since I’ve had my eyes done I’ve been absolutely delighted with them.  Feel free to stop me in the street if you want to check them out for yourself!Eyeliner

 Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Wow Brows_2If your eyebrows are starting to thin, perhaps due to age or over-plucking in years gone by, Gillian is able to give you your eyebrows back.  She does this by tattooing on each individual hair stroke with machine, leaving you with very natural looking eyebrows.  She calls these ‘WoW Brows’ and you can see in the picture just how natural the finish looks.  The brow is numbed first before Gillian sets to work tattooing the individual brow hairs.

I’ve come across a number of ladies around the local area who when I mention Gillian’s name are proud to show off their ‘WoW Brows’ as it has given them back confidence in their appearance.

 Medical Tattooing

This is an advanced level of semi-permanent make-up, treating other areas of the body.  The work is mainly creating areolas for breast cancer patients but also can help scars (burn’s victims), scalps (alopecia and hair loss), and even ‘fixing’ webbed toes.  This treatment basically replaces what is not there or transforms what is there.

Webbed toes

To find out more about these or the other treatments Gillian offers, or to book an appointment, contact her on 07711 067 789 or email  You can also find lots more information on her website at or find her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Featured in: Issue 67 – May/June 2016