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“Having relocated from Tunbridge Wells to our new premises at the old ambulance station in Crowborough, we have had a very successful first year trading.  Our services include denture repairs, jewellery cleaning and custom fit gum shields / night guards.

Denture Repair

At Chrome Cast our technicians are able to repair broken dentures, whether metal or plastic.

We understand that broken dentures can be a cause of discomfort and inconvenience, therefore we strive to reunite you with a restored set of dentures within an hour.

Prices are dependent on individual needs, and we will be able to advise the exact cost once we have assessed the damage, however in most cases this will be in the region of £40.00.

A technician will be on hand to supervise as a patient tries in a recently repaired denture, so any adjustments can be made ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, and complete customer satisfaction.

Contact us on 01892 664 669 to arrange a same day appointment, or a date and time to suit you.  We have easy parking available on site, and are located not far from Crowborough town centre.

Jewellery Cleaning

Another service you can call us to arrange is Jewellery cleaning.  We hand polish and then use our ultra sonic cleaning bath for a truly deep clean.  Due to the nature of the cleaning process, we will always assess the suitability of each piece before proceeding with a clean, to ensure it is safe to do so.

Gum Shields

We also offer custom fit gum shields from our Titan Mouth Guard range using a home impression kit, ideal for contact sport such as hockey rugby and martial arts.  A custom fit gum shield offers a far superior fit and level of protection compared to the common shop bought “Boil & Bite’, as they are specially designed to create a perfect fit for the wearer.  Having braces, milk or lose teeth is no obstacle to having your own bespoke gum shield, as our technicians accommodate all varying needs into the design.  We have a range of colours available, and are even able to create a gum shield in a particular teams colour, or with their logo for a truly bespoke mouth guard.

Our easy to use home impression kit can also be purchased for a custom made night guard for those who suffer from teeth grinding.  By creating a physical barrier between the teeth, the effects associated with grinding, such has tooth erosion and tension headaches can be minimised.

Further information about our gum shields, and how to order can be found on our website:

Chrome Cast

Ocas House, The Grove

Crowborough, TN6 1NY

01892 664 669

Featured in: Issue 67 – May/June 2016