This is what a few of my advertisers have had to say about advertising in my magazines over the years:

“I get all the work I need through my advert in the Crowborough Magazine – I don’t need to advertise anywhere else.”

– John Morton, John’s Gardening Services

“Advertising in The Crowborough Magazine keeps me very busy.  I’m delighted with the response and it’s by far the best advertising I have ever done!”

– Peter Kingham, Bowerland Stone

“I don’t advertise anywhere else!”

– Sarah Baker, Sarah’s Painting Services

“Dear Laura, I have been delighted with the response I’ve received to my adverts and it certainly pays for itself month after month.  Your magazines are the only place we advertise so I know anything that doesn’t come in via word-of-mouth has come from your magazines!”

– David Button, Allseasons Landscaping LLP

“We have had a good response to the article, lots of enquiries and several bookings so very pleased.”

– Jenny Hasler, Jenz Hair Salon

“My entire building business which I started 18 months ago has been built with my adverts in The Crowborough Directory.  It must be the best return in the history of advertising!”

– Leon Jenner, Traditional Builder

“Dear Laura, I’m very happy with the results of my advert in The Crowborough Directory. It’s helped raise the profile of the clinic in the local area and I’ve had many local people dropping in.”

– Carol Johnson, The Courtyard Clinic

“I must congratulate you on these excellent publications and the extensive distribution you have achieved. “

– John Ashelford, Chief Executive – Hospice in the Weald

“Dear Laura, It’s really been worth my while advertising in The Crowborough Directory.”

– D&G Roofing