Cornel from Travel CounsellorsSummer has been a really busy time for travellers and I believe that a lot of this is due to our British Pounds going a lot further when travelling round Europe.  The Euro is at a historically low point and travel here is less expensive now than it has been for a long time.

One Euro in summer 2014 exchanged at around 80 pence sterling.  This summer it has come down to around 70 pence per Euro, over 12% less so even more for our money. As a result holidays to Europe remain popular with three of the top destinations during the summer period being Spain, Italy and Greece.

Late summer sales were up by 22% and the exchange rate is encouraging more people to take advantage of the extra value.  This includes the holiday expenses that usually increase the overall cost such as eating out, tours and souvenirs, which are now substantially cheaper.  Train tickets, internal flights and even some flights from the UK have become less expensive too.

As well as being able to make their money go further, my customers really appreciate the added value I provide as their own personal travel advisor.  It’s so important that I get to know them so I can tailor-make their holiday down to the finest detail, wherever in the world they want to go.  Plus running my business from home means I am available whenever they need me. Many have told me you  can’t put a price on that and they are certainly happy that their money is going further when booking their European getaway too!

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Featured in: Issue 64 – November/December 2015