Not everyone can boast a portfolio of their work on display in their local high street although for Nick Tunstill, it’s where you’ll find quite a few examples.  Shops such as Mister Smith Interiors, J&K Gallery, GT Tyres, Michael Brooker and Coppards are just a few of the local businesses he’s created signage for.  Nick is a local sign writer who also produces specialist print and vinyl graphics.

What originwildside vanally began as a hobby eventually turned into a business nearly five years ago.  Nick runs his own motorbike magazine, South East Biker, and from this he began to receive requests for bike graphics, stickers and signage for bike shops.  After 35 years in the print industry he realised he could turn his hobby into a business and was ready for a new challenge, so DemonSkinz was born.

If you visit the office/studio on Friar’s Gate Farm you realise that the possibility of what you can create with specialist print and vinyl graphics is endless.  DemonSkinz can cater for standard vehicle graphics, banners, A-boards, magnetic signs, exhibition graphics and wallpapers but with his knowledge and expertise in the industry he can create graphics for pretty much anything you can think of and whatever size or quantity you need.

It’s the personal service Nick is able to offer his clients that has them coming back for more. He works closely with them to ensure what he produces meets their expectations for the budget set. He is also able to be very creative in finding solutions to ideas his clients have that they thought would not be possible.

DemonSkinz work closely with trusted local designers and suppliers who Nick knows work to the same quality and high standards as he does for his own business.DemonSkinz-2

For instance, Nick can create graphics to be fixed onto clothing and quite conveniently next door is Fusion1 embroidery service, owned and run by Mandy, who will ensure that your clothing is embroidered to a high standard.

DemonSkinzGraphics are not just a superb way for businesses to promote themselves either statically or on the move but they are also an excellent way of drawing attention should you have a short-term promotion. They don’t have to be a permanent fixture and Nick works with many materials which can be used on a temporary basis, such as printed static clings for shop windows if you have a sale, or digital wallpaper which is self-adhesive and can be used over and over without leaving a residue.

Just looking around his studio, I could see that the graphics he produces are not just for businesses but things could also be used in our homes or if organising a special event for friends or family. I was particularly drawn to the digital wallpapers and lettering as there were plenty of inspirational quotes on the walls of Nick’s studio.

Nick is very supportive of his local community, he grew up in Crowborough and has spent most of his life here, and works with a number of local clubs and organisations to help them raise DemonSkinz-3awareness of their groups or cause. He’s also happy to work with business start-ups, the most crucial time for any business, to help them make the most of their limited budgets.

To find out more about the products and services on offer at DemonSkinz, you can call Nick on 01892 459 080, email or visit the website

Featured in: Issue 63 – September/October 2015