Ailsa and Elizabeth JonesOn 1st February this year, Ailsa and Elizabeth Jones (daughter and mother) opened the doors at Thomas’ Professional Dog & Cat Grooming in Connors Yard, Beeches Road.

Ailsa started Thomas’ Dog Grooming nearly two years ago in Maresfield after previously working for another grooming parlour.  Traditional grooming parlours can often use a series of restraints to restrict movement during grooming, a method Ailsa doesn’t use at Thomas’ and one of the reasons she wanted her own business.  In December 2016 Elizabeth joined her daughter and Thomas’ Professional Cat Grooming was launched.

Ailsa and Elizabeth are both City & Guilds qualified in dog grooming and the safety and wellbeing of their four-legged clients is paramount.  They only ever have one client’s pets in at a time, giving a true 1-2-1 dedicated service.

There are so many health benefits to having your animals groomed on a regular basis and it will also mean you don’t have as much fur on your carpets, clothes or even in your food!

The parlour is fitted out with equipment that will adapt to both small and large dogs – no job is too big or too small!  They are happy for owners to stay with their animals during grooming so they can see for themselves the level of care and attention their pets receive.  They treat each pet as if it were one of their own.  During longer treatments the animals are given short breaks from their grooming in order to prevent any build up of stress as their wellbeing is taken very seriously at Thomas’.

Prior to grooming, a thorough 7 Point Health Check is carried out to spot any abnormalities or early signs of disease or infection.  Ailsa and Elizabeth are not vets but they can certainly provide advice as to what owners should do if they do find anything of concern.IMG_3616

The idea of having a dog groomed regularly is quite normal…but taking your cat to the local grooming parlour may seem an unusual idea. Elizabeth is the cat groomer at Thomas’ and she is a true cat lady, not only a professional who is qualified in cat grooming but who also has a unique cat calming ability.

Unlike the dogs who have a slip lead on when they are on the grooming table, Elizabeth makes sure the cats are comfortable and they simply sit or lie down for her while she grooms them.  Not all cats are willing to have a bath so Elizabeth may use a special dry shampoo.  You can even decide on a style for your cat – the Lion or Teddy Bear cuts are popular.

Ailsa and Elizabeth have great people skills as well as great animal skills and their clients feel very at ease when dropping their animals off (or you can arrange for their collection and drop-off service).

If you are fed up of constantly clearing animal fur from around your home, book your pet in for an appointment at Thomas’ as a groomed pet is a happy pet!  Get in touch to find out more by:

Telephone: 01892 664 476 | 07935 411 416


Address: Unit 10A1, Connors Yard, Beeches Road, Crowborough TN6 2AH


Facebook: @thomasdoggrooming

Featured in: Issue 73 – May/June 2017