Jamie Wood

Married couples in England and Wales will soon be able to benefit from a “no fault” divorce system. 

The new “no fault” divorce which is due to be implemented in Autumn 2021 will enable couples to simply state that the marriage has broken down irretrievably without having to explain the circumstances or apportion blame. At present, if a couple has not been separated for a period of at least 2 years, they have to decide who will take the blame and set out how this will be presented to the court and this can be an awkward and upsetting process. 

The change has been championed by family lawyers for a number of years and it is hoped that a “no fault” divorce will enable parties to move forwards amicably and focus on the practical aspects of their separation such as arrangements for any children and a division of the financial assets.

It should be noted that a “no fault” divorce is not simply a quick fix. A minimum mandatory time frame will still apply and therefore, even the smoothest divorce will take at least 6 months. The legal process in relation to arrangements for children and division of financial assets will not be affected by the new law and, therefore, it is still just as important to obtain legal advice.

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