– by Yasmin Gizzi

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Yasmin Gizzi

During the school holiday periods, it can be a difficult time for separated families to agree upon and juggle arrangements in relation to their children and what time they will spend with each parent during the holidays.

Unfortunately for those families, the tension and stress associated with making this decision can add to making the process more difficult than it necessarily should be.

This stress can be eliminated if parents enter into an agreement in relation to the time each party will have.  Many of our clients like the idea of having certainty in relation to the care of the children so that they do not have to renegotiate with their partner each year or at the beginning of each holiday break the time they will have.

When this is planned from the outset, it assists the parties in minimising any conflict so far as the children are concerned.  This also helps the children know in advance what arrangements are in place for the upcoming holidays.

Where an agreement cannot be reached, either parent can apply to the family court for a Child Arrangements Order to be put in place.  The benefit of a Court Order is that it is legally enforceable and can help avoid disputes arising in the future, but it is always best to try and reach an agreement if possible. 

The key thing to remember is that these types of disputes can be very unsettling for the children, and it is important to always remain focused on what is in their best interests. 

We can assist with any problems you may face in trying to agree contact arrangements for the children during the school holidays or during term-time. 

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