Andrew Rannie

With lockdown restrictions lifted, for now at least, the issue of staff returning to the office is back on the agenda.  Some staff don’t want to come back, others can’t wait: some managers want their staff back, others are not so keen.  Leaving aside the employment law considerations for now, there is no denying that greater flexibility in office space will be important going forward.  

Against that background, you might wish to consider flexible leasing arrangements.  You could take a normal lease, but with break options enabling you to let some or all of the space go, or you could look at taking a licence.  A licence is a more informal and therefore flexible arrangement but that brings with it some dangers because the flexibility works both ways and the landlord can ask you to vacate at short notice as well.  Licences tend to be more short term arrangements, so you could consider a normal lease of the core office space and then licences for additional space as and when required.  

In short, there are a lot of options out there and clever use of these can give you the flexibility your business needs.  

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