Martin Stanton, Falling Snow Productions

Creative, Professional and Affordable Video Production

Marketing trends have changed a great deal over the years with more opportunity for low cost, targeted video advertising available to local businesses. 

Back in the day (and I’m showing my age here) you would only see moving picture advertising on TV or at the cinema.  Now it is everywhere we turn.

Video advertising is now regarded as the most effective form of promotion a business can invest in with more people tuning into YouTube, Facebook videos, Instagram TV and TikTok to name a few.  

Having a video on your website can help improve your Google ranking and increase sales.  It’s a great way to engage with potential customers – as the old saying goes, ‘people buy from people’.

Of course with the advances in technology, there are many businesses already creating their own videos using just their mobile phones and they can look great.  However, creating a business video is not always such an easy task and this is where local businessman Martin Stanton comes into the frame.

Martin has spent the last 10 years producing videos for local and national businesses.  His clients range from Imperial College London to small, local businesses such as The Crowborough Magazine.

There are many reasons why a business would produce a video and this is the first question you should ask yourself : What do I want to gain from a video?  It could be for staff training; a ‘how to’ video, sales promotion, health & safety, and most popular of all, client testimonials.  You need to have the purpose in mind.

Once you have decided what you want to achieve, Martin will chat with you about the content.  You may have specific ideas in mind or Martin will be able to make suggestions based on your requirements.  He can shoot just about anywhere and is fully equipped with cameras, mics, lights, drones and all the necessary gear to make you and your business look your best on screen.

After filming, Martin will then go through all the footage, add any music or voiceover and edit your video, liaising with you along the way.

His professional manner and friendly approach, coupled with his many years of experience running successful SMEs, make the process a lot less daunting than it otherwise could be. 

So, why not get in touch and see how Martin can help you improve your visual presence.

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