If a person suffers personal injury and financial loss as a result of the negligence of another, then it is possible to bring a claim for damages to obtain redress.  

In order to succeed in a personal injury claim, a claimant must prove breach of duty of care by the defendant and that as a result of that breach, damage has been suffered.

When a Claimant has an accident, if appropriate, we seek to arrange urgent rehabilitation treatment, with the aim where possible, to get the claimant back to work without delay.  The time scale in achieving this will be dictated by the nature of the injury and the duration of intrusive symptoms suffered by the claimant.

In addition to compensation for the injury, a person can claim damages for financial losses such as loss of earnings, medical, travel expenses and care.  In more serious cases, damages can sometimes be claimed for ongoing care and medical expenses and if a claimant is rendered disabled as a result of the negligence, a claim may be made for adaptions to the home and/or an adapted motor vehicle.  Often an early interim payment can be obtained to assist the injured claimant, who may otherwise be suffering financial hardship.

At Dawson Hart, we specialise in dealing with serious personal injury claims, whether arising from a road traffic accident, an accident at work or a public liability accident.  These claims are often complex and strongly contested.  Together, Jacqueline Hardaway and Jon Wilson have over 50 years of specialist experience, successfully recovering substantial damages for clients who have suffered an injury due to an accident arising out of someone’s negligence.

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