If I told you that in Crowborough you can jump on a plane, take a boat ride through the jungle, adventure across the Arctic Tundra and even slide down inside a crocodile’s mouth…  I think you would tell me that I’m delusional!  However, I’m not, as all this is right here on our doorstep and I’ve been there!

Located at the back of Plumyfeather Farm in Lye Green you will find the DarkMaster Escape Rooms, the brain child of Ellie from Rotherfield.  Following a career as a professional nursery worker after finishing university, she had plans to start her own business in child care.  But a couple of years ago Ellie completed her first Escape Room…and loved it!  She went on to do more, taking her mother Jane along too.

Ellie’s enthusiasm for completing the challenges at the numerous escape rooms got her thinking about creating her own escape room.  

By this time Ellie and Jane had developed a lot of knowledge about the puzzles and challenges, the importance of the themes for the games and, working with an amazing set designer, work began to create Ellie’s dream escape room.

If you’ve not experienced an escape room before, the idea is you are ‘locked’ in a room with a group (generally family or friends) and you have to solve clues and puzzles in order to make your way out of the room within a 1 hour time limit.  Get the answer to a clue wrong and you may find yourself sinking in quick sand or some other fate may get you.

You’ll find the level of creative detail within each of the areas at DarkMaster quite phenomenal.  From initial designs, many tweaks were made throughout the build.  During lockdown, Ellie has been working hard, inviting friends and family to try out the ideas she has created and made adaptations along the way based on their feedback. 

What you’ll experience when you step into one of the themed areas is a fully-immersive, highly interactive escape room.  You’ll find crawl spaces, rope ladders, and yes, even a dingy ride through a narrow jungle tunnel.  Not every team member has to complete all the active elements of the challenges with the exception of a crawl space in ‘OneWing Airlines’.  Ellie has designed the games for those aged 20 and upwards in groups of between 2-6 players.

Due to current restrictions, there are limited games available to allow for thorough cleaning of the facilities between each booking.  

Please visit the website, call or email to find out more and to book your challenge.

www.darkmaster.co.uk | 01892 338 026 | info@darkmaster.co.uk

Unit 5, Plumyfeather Farm, Lye Green  TN6 1UX