GillianHere we are for part 2 of this series of features exploring the treatments provided by award winning Aesthetic Practitioner Gillian Huntley.  So again I find myself in her comfortable Chislehurst Clinic, on her comfortable treatment couch waiting for the numbing cream to get to work…

In the last issue Gillian used her semi-permanent tattoo skills on me and I’m now the proud wearer of semi-permanent eye liner.  This time I am going to be zapped with her electrolysis machine to remove some clear moles from my face and neck as well as a few other lumps and bumps that have formed under my skin over the years.

Gillian started her beauty aesthetic business, appearances, in 1986 and whilst she mainly treats her clients in her home clinic in Chislehurst, she also has many clients she treats in nearby Edenbridge and BMI hospitals Chelsfield Park and Sloane Beckenham.  She is fully qualified and certified and often recommended by GPs (including Harley Street) as the ‘go to’ person in her field.

There are many different types of treatments Gillian is able to carry out – skins peels, scar relaxation, specialist waxing, thread vein/pigmentation/skin tag removals and these are treatments can really transform people’s lives and boost their confidence.

More often then not we simply accept things that grow on our bodies over the years as we just assume they are there to stay and that is that.  Following on from my first visit to Gillian she pointed out that she could easily remove the clear moles I have on my face and from that moment on I suddenly found myself looking at my face in a new way – the clear moles becoming more noticeable and jumping out at me.  I really had been looking forward to this appointment more than ever.

Prior to any procedure, Gillian will go over everything in detail as to what the treatment will involve so you know exactly what will happen.  She is extremely good at putting her clients’ at ease before any treatment starts so you have nothing to worry about.

The mole removal process was similar to having semi-permanent treatment – the areas to be treated had numbing cream applied to reduce any pain which may be caused during the process.  If my moles had been coloured then Gillian would have required a Doctor’s permission before starting the treatment.  She will also send her patients to see a Doctor if she thinks there is something that could potentially cause problems to her clients’ health.

Picture 1 below shows the largest of the clear mole she will be removing from my face.  Once the cream had taken effect Gillian could begin my treatment.  This time by using electrolysis which uses electricity to direct heat to the affected areas in a very accurate procedure.  There are a number of different size probes available for this treatment and Gillian will select the most appropriate size for the area to be treated.  All her equipment is sterile and she will always show the patient the pack containing the probe before opening it for use.

Image2The larger the defect, the longer it takes to treat but as you can see in Pic 2, I was still able to keep smiling throughout the procedure.  As with the semi-permanent treatments you can feel a slight discomfort but there is no real pain to be felt.

Image3After my treatment (Pic 3) my face did come up in blotches and Gillian pointed out that the quicker you come up in blotches, the quicker they will disappear.  She will always run through the aftercare, providing leaflets with detailed information and the necessary creams and gels to use on the treated areas.  The following day scabs began to appear over my face and neck but this is all part of the healing process which takes between 2-5 days.  You can wear mineral make-up if you take the relevant precautions but I chose to go without for the following week to ensure the healing process went smoothly, only wearing my favourite lippy to detract from the scabs.

Image4Skin tags are removed in just the same way and even my husband, Russell Burton-Lawrence, went under the probe of Gillian to have a large tag removed from the side of his eye.  He has been delighted with the result.  It’s not just for women!

What Gillian can do with her special equipment  and skills is really quite incredible and you’ll find plenty of testimonials on her website about the difference she has made to her clients.

Some of the other deformities she can remove are:

  • warts
  • red veins
  • cholesterol patches (xanthelasma)Image5

So if you have something on your skin that you no longer wish to live with, you don’t have to anymore.  Gillian is more than happy to see you for a consultation

To find out more about these or the other treatments Gillian offers, or to book an appointment, contact her on 07711 067 789 or email  You can also find lots more information on her website at or find her on facebook, twitter and YouTube.

Featured in: Issue 68 – July/August 2016