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World in Need, a passionate team of local part-time paid staff and volunteers who serve the needs of 13 centres in 10 countries in Africa and Asia, hopes to hit £100,000 in Covid support after a phenomenally generous response by local supporters.

“We’re overwhelmed by public response to the needs of our centres, who are all in desperate situations as a result of Covid,” says CEO Rob Holmes.  “We impact the lives of thousands of children and families in the most desperate of situations every month and it’s absolutely amazing and all down to the good hearts of local people, that in just a few months we’ve already raised over £45,000.  And the number keeps rising.  We really can’t thank donors enough and we’re very optimistic about hitting target and helping even more communities in need.”

With no other source of income except donations and child sponsorship, WIN has been able to send additional funds to buy life-saving food and medical supplies for their projects.  Funds also support specific church and community initiatives across the 13 centres, including access to fresh water, food provision, and the sponsorship of more than 350 children, who are rescued from a life of desperate poverty and squalid conditions.

“These young people are given hope for the future with education, along with hot food, medical care and safe housing,” Rob explains.  “And this fund is helping us go further than ever before to support and make a difference.  We feel it’s important for our local community to know there is positive news through this intensely difficult time, and that the support they are giving is quite literally changing, and saving lives.  We really wanted to say thank you for putting us on target and making all this happen.”

For more information on fund progress, and on our local international charity, visit or contact the team on 01892 669834.

Images from World In Need