Photo of Sophie Sutton

Sophie Sutton is a local yoga teacher who grew up in Crowborough.  She runs her own business ‘Yoga Lions’ which teaches children and adults of all ages the benefits of movement, breath and relaxation.  Sophie works in local primary schools, bringing a moment of calm and mindfulness into children’s busy lives.

Ida Lion is Sophie’s self published debut children’s yoga story about feelings.  The story is illustrated by her talented sister, Claire.  The pictures are hand painted with blurred edges to help convey the gentle nature of the story.

The book includes optional yoga poses to try, positive affirmations and a relaxation to end.  In this busy modern world where children are often over stimulated, the story is intentionally calm, taking you on a gentle journey with a simple message that we all need reminding of – That feelings change, just like the weather.

The story is set outside and each time the weather changes, this reminds the characters that their feelings will inevitably change too. Practicing yoga poses and calm breaths helps them to realise that they have the same qualities inside themselves that they see outside in the world.

The story intentionally uses simple language and basic questions to encourage social skills between children. Rather than categorising some feelings as ‘bad’ and some as ‘good’, the dialogue between characters is kind and understanding.  This helps to emphasise that they are not alone in their feelings.   There is a sense of hope throughout the story as each character meets a friend who is experiencing something similar.

Ida Lion highlights the importance that movement, breath, relaxation and connection with others can have in helping us to identify, accept and move through ever changing feelings.  The walk that the characters go on shows us that the storm is always easier to face when we don’t do it alone.

Sophie has created this story to encourage as many children as possible to feel empowered to speak about their feelings. She hopes this book will help to normalise exploring feelings from a young age, so that the children that read Ida Lion can grow up to be self aware and self loving adults.

Ida Lion is available now on Amazon.  Sophie also works privately with families and children.

You can find Sophie at or email

Front cover of the book Ida Lion