If you’ve been down Walshes Road recently, you might have noticed the new furniture shop, TransFunk Furniture, easily identifiable by the brightly coloured items on display outside the premises – with even more inside!

Opened in July 2017, local residents Rich and Alexa decided the time was right to turn their hobby into a business.  Their backgrounds are not what you’d expect for such a creative duo – Rich has a past life working in IT and Alexa as a Dental Nurse.  Giving a new lease of life to furniture is something they have been doing together for a while and decided to make the bold move to open a shop.  They have been delighted with the feedback received from everyone so far.

You’ll not only find an amazing selection of ‘FunkiFied’ furniture inside but a large choice of antique and vintage items as well – there really is something for everyone if your preference is a little less vibrant.

It’s not just bright coloured paint that can transform an otherwise dull piece of furniture but pretty much anything (and almost  everything) can be used.  Alexa is the soft furnishings and upholstery whiz and together they can match furniture to your choice of fabrics!

At the back of the premises is a shared workshop where the amazing transformations take place.  Rich enjoys spray painting furniture as it creates a very even finish.  Acrylic varnish is then used to protect the items so their vibrancy will shine on for years.

When it comes to colour you get an unlimited choice as they like to work with the Dulux range which means any colour you want can be individually mixed so you can match new items to anything you already have in your home.  They can even add photographs,  magazine/comic/book pages or stamps to make items truly unique and personal.

Dotted throughout the shop you’ll find art and sculptures made by local artists who Rich and Alexa are keen to support.

Since opening they often have people stop outside with a car full of items which could have ended up at the local dump but instead have been selected for FunkiFication.  They are also interested in furniture from house clearances so do get in touch if you require this service and give some of your old bits the opportunity for a new lease of life.

Rich and Alexa look forward to seeing you soon and always love taking on a challenge.  If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting for your home they will be delighted to help.

1 Beechview Parade, Walshes Road, TN6 3RA – Call 07760 286 866